From reader Brian Vlad:

14 hr ago

"Phil, to your point about "fixing" objects to CF structures, I do recall when working with CF masts for some sail vessels having to pay particular attention to how fittings were fastened. Example, we had designed a radar mount for these masts that used compression rings to fix them to the mast, so no holes. Great article, and thanks for bringing science [back] to the table."


My reply:

Brian, thanks for reading and commenting. And for the kind words. I am going to copy this to the comments thread on the correct post. Cheers!

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Well thought out post. My only experience with cardon fiber is with recreational boats and offshore racing boats which have seen some pretty dramatic failures. I would like to hear what engineers/naval architects who work with CF composites have to

say. There has been at least one news media here in the PNW that claims OceanGate bought surplus CF from Boeing that wasn't up to spec for aircraft. Don't know if there's any truth to that. Don't know if it would make any difference. As you said we will probably never know what caused the failure. May their souls rest in peace.

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