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Jul 28, 2023

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A handheld VHF can function as more than just a back-up for a dash-mounted unit...

If forced to choose, most of us would rather lose our wallet than our cellphone.

If you concur that communications are key when you’re out on the water, especially when more than a mile of so offshore, then you might want to consider supplementing your smartphone with a waterproof, submersible handheld VHF.

Today’s handhelds are far more sophisticated than a decade ago, and the higher-end handhelds now have built-in DSC, GPS and AIS receivers, with unit costs far less than than those of most cellphones. With a broad array of both emergency and non-emergency functions available, the top-end models, like this Icom M73 Submersible VHF, deliver high value at very reasonable cost.

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Magma Monterey Deluxe Gas Grille

Level up your culinary output with this high-quality gourmet gas grille. A serious piece of equipment, whether you're feeding the crew or entertaining. It's not too early to think about giving your Ship's Chef a super Christmas present this year!

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